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By Marie Greaves, Communications Team

On World Earth Day, our CEO, Ron Cowley, explains why three little words echo so loudly for Active Building Centre 

World Earth Day 2021

“Bold, creative and innovative” – those are at the heart of the vision championed today by more than a billion people around the globe.   Since this day was dedicated Earth Day back in 1970, there’s been a growing appreciation of the central role of technology in providing solutions to environmental degradation and climate change.

That clearly resonates with us.

Our role at Active Building Centre is to test technology that could allow buildings to be self-sufficient, generating their own energy, which is decarbonised and decentralised.   We aim to set the standards for future homes, rigorously tested and refined, proof of practical concept and commercial viability.

We set the scene for future communities where generation and allocation of heat and power is shared across homes and offices, day and night, young and old, rich and poor.

Our engineers will identify the sweet spot for future living, driving economic growth, improving quality of life, and reducing our reliance on large-scale, high-cost, power stations and the flawed systems that created the pollution, waste and fuel inequality of the past.

The Earth Day agenda is our agenda – every day.