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What are Active Buildings?

We see Active Buildings as integral to helping the UK with its growing energy demands. That’s because active buildings are able to generate, efficiently manage, store, share and pass energy that is unused back into the grid.

It’s like seeing a home as a mini power station.

Active Buildings are designed to maximise both physical and psychological comfort for occupants whilst being energy efficient combined with using integrated technology and smart controls.

By reducing the demand of the building and installing local renewable energy generation, active buildings ‘free up’ energy to support the electrification of transport and heating as well as the wider energy networks.

Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
Fully Integrated Energy System with Intelligent Controls
Low Energy Heating & Hot Water
EV Integration
Energy Storage (Electrical and Thermal)
LED Lighting
High Performing Building Fabric


Since 2019 ABC have been involved in over 100 research projects. These have generated active upgrades to a value of £96M and 205,000 tonnes of carbon savings. Click on the individual projects, and download the PDFs, to find out more about each one and about the tangible benefits of collaborating with ABC.

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