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GHA welcome Active Building Centre as a Leader Member.

The Good Homes Alliance is delighted to welcome the Active Building Centre to its ever growing network as a leader member. Leader members are at the forefront of the GHA and help shape our agenda, receiving a number of additional enhanced benefits.

The Active Building Centre works with national and local government, developers, planners, builders and energy distributors, advising on how to most effectively deploy new technologies and innovative energy system solutions into new buildings or retrofit them into existing stock to optimise energy efficiency. They have established wide-ranging connections with industry and academia. In supporting and facilitating new active demonstrators they are also collecting proprietary data from a wide range of homes and commercial buildings that will inform future industry standards on how to best configure smart in-building energy systems.

The Active Building Centre joins over 80 members and partners, including architects, planners, developers, academia, local authorities, housing associations, product manufacturers, building professionals and more, who share a common goal to aim for higher quality sustainable housing and standards. This is achieved via the sharing of learning and best practice; hosting events and workshops; the creation of new resources and guidance; and by conducting original research and demonstration projects.

Recent and future GHA outputs include the recent creation of 15 best practice net zero/low energy housing case studies, thanks to Funding from the MCS Charitable Foundation,  and following our well-received overheating risk tool and guidance for new build homes, we are developing a second version for retrofit schemes. Outputs compliment our regular events, with our Build Net Zero Now Campaign recently culminating in a two day online conference.

In addition to this, Leader members are able to benefit from enhanced opportunities to shape GHA agenda and workstreams, free tickets to all GHA events including GHA Conference Series and Priority opportunities to present at GHA events and working group meetings, amongst a whole series of other benefits that can be seen on the join the GHA web page.

For more information about GHA membership and to get involved, please contact Larry Tate, Communications Coordinator – [email protected].

Chris Brierley, Communications and Engagement Lead, Active Building Centre, explains why they have joined the Good Homes Alliance as Leader Members:

“Why have we joined the Good Homes Alliance? The question is why wouldn’t we! When you read our mission statement and the GHA’s it’s like two peas in a pod. We are on the same page and have the same goals and aspirations. So why wouldn’t we join.”

“Our expertise is in how you integrate renewable technology at a building level and what combination of technologies will meet Net Zero for the lowest capital outlay. By working together with GHA’s 80+ members and partners together we can and will make a difference as we look to radically change the way we build homes and buildings in the UK.” 

Julian Brooks, Programmes Director, Good Homes Alliance

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome the ABC as Leader members, they are in the vanguard of net zero changemakers in the UK for homes and buildings, we look forward to working with them to accelerate the change”

About the Good Homes Alliance (GHA)

The Good Homes Alliance is a cross-sector membership organisation with over 80 members and partners that include, architects, developers, local authorities, housing associations, urban designers, consultants, building professionals, suppliers and more.

The GHA’s aim is to promote and encourage the building of quality sustainable homes and communities and to transform the whole of mainstream UK house building into a sustainable endeavour.

The GHA promotes higher quality sustainable housing and standards via collaborations with industry and government, creating active knowledge exchange networks, sharing best practice, running events, leading campaigns, lobbying for change, partnering on research and commissioning publications.

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