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By Simon McWhirter, Head of Engagement

Two new UKRI funding competitions are being launched to help businesses bring innovative construction solutions to market and demonstrate them on live projects.

The Active Building Centre is part of the Transforming Construction Challenge which aims to drive change in the UK to construct buildings 50% faster, 33% cheaper and with half the lifetime carbon emissions.

UKRI demonstrator competition

The Transforming UK Construction Demonstrators competition will apply known approaches to real development projects, to show how to improve the performance of buildings over their life cycle.

These will include new validations of business models, digital approaches to design, construction and management, advancements in modern methods of construction and approaches to whole-life performance of a building or assets.

UKRI CR&D competition

TheTransforming UK Construction 2nd Round CR&D competition will support the development of close-to-market products, technologies, processes or services that will improve productivity, quality and performance in the UK construction sector.

The project must focus on one or more of the following themes:

  • digital information management, tools, systems and standards
  • modern methods of construction (MMC) and platform based approaches
  • whole-life asset performance, including active buildings
  • business models, procurement, analytics, benchmarking and metrics
  • financial, assurance, warranty and lending products

Both competitions will be open from Wednesday 28th August to the 30th October 2019.

Prospective applicants to these competitions are advised to contact our team at the Active Building Centre or the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH).

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