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By Cat Wilkins, Communications Manager

Active Buildings have the potential to significantly contribute to the UK’s commitment to decarbonise

Active Buildings support the wider energy system by intelligently integrating renewable energy technologies for heat, power and transport. They are designed to be energy efficient, with novel ways of creating, controlling and releasing energy.

Potential Solution

As we look to rapidly decarbonise, tackle climate change, and reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, Active Buildings offer a potential solution. Especially as buildings account for around 40% of current emissions in the UK.

Active buildings have the potential to be energy self-sufficient. When connected with other Active Buildings in a network, they could have the ability to trade energy.

Imagine a network or community of Active Buildings capturing and controlling their own energy. Buildings which do not produce any carbon emissions.  Communities that are energy self-sufficient.

A low carbon network of buildings with the potential to significantly ease pressure on the national grid, adding resilience into the wider system by delivering more generation capacity, aggregated at scale.

This is the mission of the Active Building Centre.

Published January 2020