Active Buildings


Active Buildings integrate renewable energy technologies for heat, power and transport.

Active Buildings are designed to be energy efficient, with novel ways of creating, controlling and releasing energy. These buildings have the potential to be energy self-sufficient and, when connected with other Active Buildings in a network, could have the ability to trade energy.

Globally, buildings are responsible for about 40% of carbon emissions. In the UK they consume about 40% of all energy produced. Any solution to the energy crisis will have to address the issue of energy in buildings.

Active Buildings aim to transform construction. To support the energy infrastructure, reduce energy costs, and address environmental challenges.

Active Building Projects

We are working with carefully selected partners to support the delivery of a pipeline of Active Buildings across the UK.  We provide support to construction clients, developers and other organisations from the early stages of the design process.  If you are interested, we are interested in projects including aspects of the following:

Modern methods of construction
Integrated renewable energy generation and storage technologies
Data based approach to building monitoring and control
Use of electric vehicles such as cars, bicycles and buses

The UK's first Active Buildings

The Active Building concept was conceived by SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre. Working with partners across academia and industry the team developed buildings that can capture heat and electricity from the sun and store it in the building until it is needed.

They designed two demonstration buildings to test and prove technologies and show how they can be connected in one integrated system, working together to generate heat and power for the building. >>> Find out more…


To make a difference the world needs many buildings like this. That is not just a technical challenge but a political, social and economic one.

The success of these early demonstrators gave rise to the Active Building Centre and our aim to break down the barriers to mass adoption of such buildings across the UK. We will work with commercial developers and the public sector to deliver a critical mass of Active Buildings and provide the evidence that regulators, policy makers and construction industry need to transform the way buildings are constructed in the UK.

The Active Building Centre will also be looking at how Active Buildings can be connected with each other, with electric vehicles and with the Grid so that renewable energy can be shared and moved around to where it is needed.

Together with industrial and academic partners, the Active Building Centre is working to bring together the people, companies and communities to change the way energy is delivered and used in the UK.

And to pave the way for change in the way energy is delivered around the world.