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By Gill Kelleher, Policy Engagement Manager

The Active Building Centre has reviewed the Part L/Future Homes Standard consultation and is concerned as detailed in the document by these proposals.

The consultation sets out the plans for the Future Homes Standard and its proposals to increase the outputs of energy efficient homes in 2020. According to the Government, the Future Homes Standard will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency.

At Active Building Centre, our Active Building solutions and designs reduces carbon emissions and supports the energy network by intelligently integrating energy technologies for heat, power, and transport into energy-efficient buildings.

Working together

The Active Building Centre is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of Transforming Construction Challenge through the Industrial Challenge Fund (ISCF), to support the adoption of innovation and resultant benefits from smart technologies; and seeks to transform the way the UK designs, constructs and operates buildings.

The Active Building Centre and the wider Transforming Construction programme will be exploring many aspects of Part L and Future Homes Standard in their on-going work intended to identify the successful optimisation of Active and low carbon buildings – our research, work and findings should, therefore, be a key part of the next tier of development of the Future Homes Standard so we look forward to an opportunity to share that learning with MHCLG & others as it develops through 2020 and beyond.

Having read the consultation, our main concerns are:

  • CO2 reduction and fabric performance
  • Decarbonising heat
  • Implementation and costs
  • Restricting local planning authorities from setting higher energy efficiency standards.

In the document below, we explain why we are concerned about these key areas; what we believe the Future Homes Standard should strive to achieve, and our suggestions on implementing the building regulation.

Download our response to the Future Homes Standard consultation.