About Us


The Active Building Centre seeks to revolutionise the way the UK designs, constructs and operates buildings by realising the potential for the integration of innovative renewable energy generation and storage technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art digital design.

We aim to prove the case for a national adoption of Active Buildings, which has the potential to substantially reduce both the operational costs of buildings and their demand on the UK energy infrastructure.

We work with property owners, managers, developers, and innovative organisations who share the vision for Active Buildings to support the energy infrastructure, reduce energy costs, and address environmental challenges. Read more about Active Buildings.

ABC Projects

We are working with carefully selected partners to support the delivery of a pipeline of Active Buildings across the UK.  We provide support to construction clients, developers and other organisations from the early stages of the design process.  If you are interested, we are interested in projects including aspects of the following:

Modern methods of construction
Integrated renewable energy generation and storage technologies
Data based approach to building monitoring and control
Use of electric vehicles such as cars, bicycles and buses

Transforming Construction

The Active Building Centre is funded by UKRI as part of the Transforming Construction Challenge through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). ISCF addresses the major industrial and societal challenges of our time.  Transforming Construction seeks to make buildings more affordable, efficient, safer and healthier. Active Buildings contribute to the Clean Growth Grand Challenge aiming to at least half the energy use of new buildings by 2030.

Working together

Hosted by Swansea University, located in the Active Office, the Active Building Centre works collaboratively with nine other Universities and a range of industrial partners.

We are a convening point bringing together academia, industry and government to help transform construction.

We collaborate closely with our partners to research and develop new materials, technologies and construction methods and help create Active Buildings.

Industry Partners

Akzo | Nobel | Tata | NSG | Nissan | BIPVCo | Wernick | Swansea Council | Hale | United Welsh | Sero | NPT | Coastal | Sheffield Council | Ilke | GLA | Welsh Government | PA | Siemens | Connexion (Cisco) | HTA | ARUP | Powell Dobson | Bere