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By Laura Holt, Social Science Project Manager

“It was such a pleasure to represent the Active Building Centre on Ofgem’s Young Professionals panel.

I’m really excited to understand the ways in which low carbon homes could modify our energy behaviours and practices and the potential benefits to be gained from their occupancy.

What challenges does the uk energy sector face?

One of the biggest challenges facing the UK energy sector is decarbonising homes. During this transition period, it is vital for the energy and construction sectors to work together across the industry and public sectors. I believe that we must also maximise the use of communities, networks and third sector organisations in helping to decarbonise homes.

Many people are concerned with the cost of ‘Green’ Technology, are unsure of the difference to their current fuel bills and confused about how to transition away from gas. In my opinion, there is a lack of trustworthy information available for people to find the answers to these questions.

What can be done to solve them?

In order to gain buy-in, Ofgem could offer clearer information using better communication channels such as videos or short documentaries via various social media channels. Initiatives, such as Active Building Centre, can continue to build more demonstrator buildings to actually show people how the technology works and how their future homes could function.

Ultimately, we must be bolder and less risk-averse when it comes to decarbonisation. It’s ‘go big or go home‘.

Laura Holt taking part in panel session