Our Expert Team

As a new organisation we are growing our team with dynamic, innovative thinkers and do-ers. People who want to try new ways of doing things. People interested in pioneering technologies. People interested in refining performance.

This is an exciting opportunity to play your part in the Active Building Centre’s vision to transform the UK construction and energy sectors through the deployment of Active Buildings. Working for the Active Building Centre is an opportunity to explore, demonstrate and challenge your knowledge, to bring about societal, political and environmental change.

Our Benefits

Staff are based across the UK with headquarters in Swansea and demonstrator laboratory in Gloucester.  Staff benefit from:

  • Generous holiday package
  • Flexible / Agile working
  • A competitive Nest Pension
  • Professional development / mentorship & training

Andy Perry, Chief Operations Officer

“After some 25 years in civil engineering I feel I have developed my ability to successfully initiate, maintain and direct multi-party construction projects and programmes.  While the goal of every civil engineer is to provide the infrastructure to sustain civilised life in a safe and efficient manner and increase prosperity for all, I still wasn’t convinced that I was making a demonstrable positive difference in a meaningful timeframe.  Combining Active Building Centre’s prime driver to upscale at pace for the benefit of wider society with my desire to continually build consensus and agreements, appeared to be a mutually rewarding opportunity that I am now very glad I took.”

Erin Bell, Building Physics Engineer

“Working for Active Building Centre has been a refreshing change of pace and we have a strong focus on how we can better the industry, including having several other women in our team with impressive technical backgrounds. One of the things that I appreciate at Active Building Centre is that we do not take the industry standard at face value, we investigate further to see how we could be doing things better, more accurate and more accessible than what is currently accepted. By not accepting the status quo we are able to assess how well different tactics work to find the most effective and efficient built environment solutions whilst tackling our environmental problems”