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by Jonathan Williams, Head of Projects

The Active Building Centre is looking to develop a pipeline of Active Building demonstrators to prove the case, transform construction, and inspire buildings of the future.

My role as Head of Projects for the Active Building Centre is to identify suitable partners and projects.

I am looking to connect with like-minded partners who want to push the envelope in terms of building performance. To support the wider energy infrastructure and transport in a meaningfully sustainable way. Significantly reducing carbon emissions. Using buildings to support the wider energy infrastructure.

Active Building demonstrators

My aim is to deliver a pipeline of Active Building demonstrators and projects.

I am interested in buildings which integrate renewable and storage technologies.

These Active Building demonstrators collect data and provide an evidence base for Active Buildings. Projects which have the potential to scale and transform construction. Active Buildings which can be replicated. This includes houses, schools, Local Authority buildings, offices, factories, commercial and industrial buildings.

These buildings need to be ready to go, projects with a funding plan and close to outline planning.

Active Building projects

I am interested in existing buildings using integrated renewable energy and storage which are collecting data or could collect data.  The Active Building Centre could help collect the data.

I am looking to work with organisations who have a project team, a funding plan, with construction due to start this year or early 2020. Projects where there’s still time to influence the design. And crucially, where projects are using some form of modern methods of construction.

Active Building Centre support

Once we identify a project as a suitable Active Building project, the Active Building Centre works as an innovation partner to clients and developers.

We offer additional support for building projects to help them become Active. We support your project team in terms of renewable energy development. We can help your buildings reduce energy use, support local energy infrastructure, create new revenues, operate with cost savings, and electrify transport.

We provide technical specifications for:

  • The building fabric
  • Building services – energy generation, storage and usage
  • Data collection and performance evaluation to analyse building performance, to help support the building in use and close the performance gap.
  • Building energy management

We work with you to reduce risk in project development and to make a commercial case for low energy Active Buildings which incorporate renewable energy technologies.

The Active Building Centre offering

The Active Building Centre offering is unique. We provide information and service at a point in the process when it doesn’t normally happen, when it’s most useful.

With a housing project at pre-planning stage you would note normally commission building services experts. We are filling that gap.

With commercial buildings often there’s elements to be designed out due to additional cost. The Active Building Centre proposition is that these elements are financially viable when taking a whole life cost approach.

Our data approach will assist with commissioning and assessing energy and comfort. Our robust, secure, open source Internet of Things (IoT) approach to building energy management and data collection exceed current good practice.

Contact the Active Building Centre

Does your building classify as an Active Building?

Do you require support to make an investment case for renewable and storage technologies? Do you have a construction and development team in place looking for additional support?

If so, please contact us to discuss working with the Active Building Centre on your potential Active Building Project.

Published July 2019