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Y Twyni

Y Twyni is a building on Swansea University‘s Bay Campus with integrated renewable energy technologies and a smart energy-control system. Swansea University employed Galetech Energy Services to compile the design brief, drawings and employer’s requirements to go out to tender.

The building has been fitted with 135 kWp of solar photovoltaics, a large-scale electrical energy storage system and EV charging capabilities. A control system manages the energy generated by the solar panels and distributes it between the energy storage system, car chargers and the adjacent School of Management building. A solar PV carport with space for five vehicles will also form part of the energy system. The carport will be fitted with perovskite solar technology from Oxford PV.

These integrated renewable technologies will help Y Twyni to save money and carbon emissions, enable investigation of control and use strategies for battery storage, and help the university reach its net zero carbon target by 2040. The energy generated by the solar panels can be stored in the batteries and released when needed. Depending on the cost and carbon intensiveness of grid power at different times of the day, the control system will decide when to draw energy from the grid and when to use the renewable energy generated by the building.

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ABC fully funded the project and supported the client with data collection and monitoring.

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