Chief Executive of the Active Building Centre: A qualified mechanical and electrical engineer by trade, Ron now has over 35 years’ experience at CEO level within UK & Global Corporations within the Defence, Nuclear, Scientific and Oil & Gas sectors. A keen advocate of delivering solutions around the carbon challenge and addressing fuel poverty. He sees ABC as the perfect platform which can not only provide active buildings on new builds but also addressing the retrofit challenge. 

“After some 25 years in civil engineering I feel I have developed my ability to successfully initiate, maintain and direct multi-party construction projects and programmes.
While the goal of every civil engineer is to provide the infrastructure to sustain civilised life in a safe and efficient manner and increase prosperity for all, I still wasn’t convinced that I was making a demonstrable positive difference in a meaningful timeframe.
Combining the Active Building Centre’s prime driver to upscale at pace for the benefit of wider society with my desire to continually build consensus and agreements appeared to be a mutually rewarding opportunity that I am now very glad I took.”

Lee Chambers is Chief Commercial Officer for the for the Active Building Centre (ABC)

Lee has a long history in senior sales roles with the last 15-years spent in solar energy. Lee is passionate about changing things for the better and mindful of the commerciality of doing so. Lee takes pleasure in questioning the established wisdom on the basis that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve got”.

Lee seeks continuous improvement and encourages the wider team to do the same, he believes empowerment coupled with energy, determination and perseverance are the keys to success. Lee leads a team of pioneers focussed on the commercial application of innovative technology in the buildings industry.

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