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About us

Buildings in the UK account for around a quarter of total carbon emissions, therefore if the UK is to reach #netzero by 2050, then tackling the nations CO2 emissions from buildings is crucial. However, the construction sector hasn’t transformed . . .

ABC was setup as an independent research organisation to help the built environment sector accelerate its journey to net zero.

We’ve championed the active building principles first developed by Swansea University and SPECIFIC.

Continued research, innovation and integration of active energy systems is at the heart of what we do.

The challenge is overcoming the following . . .

Lack of skills/knowledge

We’ve always done it this way

Design tools are not all fit for purpose

Unintended consequences

Risk averse & limited innovation

Currently, the UK construction is not building enough net zero buildings.

ABC is about real-world projects and influencing them to adopt active building principles.

We work with clients as varied as housing associations, government agencies, architects and construction firms, and support them on their decarbonisation journeys.

By working on real-life projects, we are embedding active building principals and using what we learning to improve future schemes.

Our 3Cs approach of Comfort, Carbon and Cost puts people and their needs at the centre of our decision making. The selection and integration of appropriate solutions are driven by people.

Our learning has been captured in our ABC Blueprint – which is our approach to achieving net zero.

Active Building Centre: John Huggett Building, Gloucester Science and Technology Park, Berkeley, Gloucestershire

There has been no sustained reduction in emissions from buildings in the last decade.

UK Committee on Climate Change (2022)

Meet the Team

ABC is made up a highly talented group of leading decarbonisation experts from engineers,  project managers, consultants and advisors all of whom are passionate about delivering high quality work, that helps our clients in their netzero journey’s.

Meet the Board

ABC is supported in our efforts by a Board with vast experience in the decarbonisation agenda from leading major companies to working on some of the country’s most innovative low carbon schemes.