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Disruption is coming – let’s rise to the challenge it brings view news
Buildings must be at the heart of any successful sustainable energy strategy view news
A view from construction view news
Boris backs ABC’s COPGlos view news
A note from Robert Llewellyn view news
A COP26 for Gloucestershire view news
A Smart Heat and Flexible Buildings Plan 3.0 – The Whole System Approach view news
Who pays for a green homes revolution? view news
Open call launches for COP26 Built Environment Virtual Pavilion view news
Green Infrastructure Bank
Could the new National Infrastructure Bank help solve the home retrofit challenge? view news
Hearts, minds, wallets and making a smart case for change view news
World Earth Day 2021 view news
Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for the Built Environment view news
Active Building Research Centre – A Stronger Story view news
Budget 2021 view news
Active Building Centre’s Women in Science view news
The Active Office – A Stronger Story view news
Activating the UK’s green industrial revolution view news
Moden flat with digital control panel
Improving the energy efficiency of privately rented homes – BEIS Consultation view news
Woman trying to keep warm in a poorly heated and insulated home
Tackling fuel poverty 2020-2035 – Welsh Government Consultation view news
Accelerator Cities – Retrofit Resources view news
Embracing a Movement for Change view news
Hywel presenting the concept of Active Buildings
Getting the policy frame right to support the UK’s transition to Net Zero view news
Wind turbines at dusk
Active Building Centre – Slashing the carbon impacts of the UK’s construction sector view news
Row of new houses with renewable technology
An Active Upgrade for Housing for the 21st century view news
Female project manager working on project plans
‘Precision-primed’ for an Active recovery view news
Business Leaders Signing Letters
Leading businesses urge UK Government to deliver clean, inclusive and resilient recovery plan view news
Active Office displaying solar tubes
Activating our constrained local electricity grids view news
Towns and cities work together on home retrofit with Accelerator Cities view news
Tom in the battery storage room
We analysed electricity demand and found coronavirus has turned weekdays into weekends view news
COVID-19 Update view news
Women outside her energy efficient home, charging her car.
Active Buildings: Changing the way people behave in their homes view news
Solar charged batteries, charging an electric car
Positive changes in Britain’s electricity view news
Active Building Centre and partners at Futurebuild leading decarbonisation of built environment view news
The Active Office in Swansea
What are Active Buildings? view news
Active Building Centre sponsors industry event Futurebuild view news
Design of three active buildings
The case for an active, systems-based approach view news
The Six Degrees of Active Buildings view news
An Active Resolution for 2020 view news
Laura in a meeting.
Working together to decarbonise homes view news
How can Active Buildings reduce UK carbon emissions? view news
Outside an active home with a garden
Offsite and Active view news
Gill Kelleher, Policy Engagement Manager
Active Building Centre responds to the Future Homes Standard and Building Regulations Part L consultation view news
General election 2019: What’s in store for architects? view news
EV being charged
An Active Opportunity for Fleets view news
Plants on the exterior wall of an active home
From little acorns Active Buildings grow view news
Active Office displaying solar tubes
How do architects de-carbonise existing housing? view news
Gill kelleher policy engagement
Buildings Mission to halve emissions by 2030 view news
Electric vehicle start stop button
Response to The Telegraph – Britain faces waste battery mountain as electric car use surges view news
Neighbourhoods of the Future view news
Silver nissan leaf active building centre
Architects have the ability to lead the drive towards EV adoption view news
Microphone conference
Nordic Zero Emission and Plus Energy Buildings 2019 conference view news
Active Office Active Building demonstrator
Letter to editor – the Queen’s speech view news
Simon McWhirter head engagement presents
An Active Solution: Putting Energy into Architecture view news
Outside of an active home with panels
Housebuilders can navigate the nation toward EV adoption view news
An Active Home in South Wales
What is an Active Building? view news
The exterior of an active building with wooden panels
An ‘Active’ Opportunity for Housing Associations view news
Active Buildings for future generations view news
Active Building Centre Electric vehicle
Deploying electric vehicle charge points view news
Active Homes Neath Artist impression
Empowering Homeowners through Active Buildings view news
Party political take on Active Buildings view news
Designing Active Buildings view news
The Construction Challenge and the Active Building Centre view news
A distributed energy future for the UK view news
Dr Des Brennan sits in front of a screen containing charts and infographics. These display key data on the Active Office in realtime..
Collecting data from Active Buildings view news
Active Building Centre 100 day success view news
New funding opportunities to transform UK construction view news
Active Buildings working for people view news
Active Building Centre awarded £36 million to change the way buildings use energy view news
Proving the case for Active Buildings view news
£36 million UK funding for Swansea University’s Clean Energy Innovation view news