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By Marie Greaves, Communications Team

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has announced a Steering Group and four new task groups which will support the development of the Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for the Built Environment. The Active Building Centre, along with key contemporaries, will be supporting the Residential Retrofit group.

Net zero whole life carbon roadmap

The UKGBC’s Roadmap, announced in December, aims to develop a trajectory of carbon reduction targets and actions, covering the total lifecycle impact of the built environment in the UK, securing the support of relevant industry actors in delivering decarbonisation. Their project is a co-owned process that brings together key stakeholders from across the built environment sector.

Four task groups comprised of over 50 experts have been formed to work through the decarbonisation implications across sectors and develop a timeline of solutions. An industry-wide Steering Group has also been formed to oversee the Roadmap and provide strategic input throughout the process.

Residential retrofit

From the Active Building Centre, Dr Jo Atkinson, Building Projects Manager will be working within the Residential Retrofit group with the aim of applying her wide ranging experience and comprehensive expertise to this pivotal section of the the Roadmap.  She is joined by a well respected range of influential organisations including;

Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)
Dorrington PLC
Energy Systems Catapult
Essex County Council
Federation Of Master Builders
Grainger PLC
Greengage Environmental
Hoare Lea
Knauf Insulation
London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI)
Pivot Energy Services
SHAP (Sustainable Housing Action Partnership)
South Yorkshire Housing Association
Twinn Sustainability Innovation

Information on the Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap can be found here.

Details of all individuals on each Task Group and the Steering Group can be found here.