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By Prof. Dave Worsley, Vice President (Innovation), Swansea University

While I’m encouraged by the focused points in the Queen’s Speech on renewable power and the greening of the countryside, the path to achievement will be both challenging and complex.

Things are happening fast and to transform the construction and energy sectors, we must take a genuine leadership role, facilitating a concentrated national focus on the issues.

We need to capitalise on the range of positive developments related to enhanced building standards, such as Electric Vehicle adoption.

Forward-thinking initiatives like the Welsh Innovative Housing Programme demonstrate how public and private sector players can combine to drive forward net zero solutions.

We have an opportunity to change things and we need to keep up the momentum. There’s no room for a stop/start approach to green policy if we are deliver confidence into the market that the time is ripe for considered and considerable investment into sector.

I urge everyone not to lose focus as we ride the uncertain socio-political current.

We must capture the hearts and minds of British business, educating them to adopt sustainable approaches, so when prices fall for solar heat and electricity solutions we all need, the industry is equipped with the skills to rapidly transition.