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Marie Greaves, Communication Assistant

At the Active Building Centre one of our values is collaboration – partners uniting to meet the challenge of transforming construction. 

When our partner organisation, Transforming Construction Network Plus (N+) offered us the opportunity to support with their 2nd annual conference we embraced the opportunity.  Tom Basset from the Academic Research Team, talks more about the transformation and change we are working towards: Tom Basset – Future of the construction industry

Conference details, key note talks & resources

On September 15th, the N+ hosted its 2nd annual conference: Embracing a Movement for Change. In these unusual times, the event was held online and was joined by more than 200 people from around the world.

Professor Jacqueline Glass, Director of the N+, closed the day with a call to action for everyone, saying:

‘This is an agenda for all, whether you are a member of the local and general public around a site, whether you are the leader of a business, whether you are a procurement professional or a designer.’

Find out more about each session, watch the recordings and explore the valuable resources shared by the speakers, visit the N+ website here

Published Oct 2020