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By Daniel Angelini  & Adver_Daniel

NATIONWIDE is funding a £50 million plan to build one of the UK’s largest energy-efficient housing developments.

Each of the 239 homes at the Oakfield project will meet the highest EPC-A energy efficiency rating. At the moment, only six per cent of new properties are built to this standard.

The Swindon-based building society’s landmark development could become a blueprint for the construction of more environmentally-friendly homes around the country.

The company is bringing together green developers and experts like Igloo Regeneration and the Active Building Centre to advise on the plans.

The properties come with air source heat pumps instead of gas boilers, as well as solar panels. Electric vehicle charging points will be provided on the street and homes will be wired so that the owners can easily install charging points on their own properties.

Houses will be fitted to allow for extra storage batteries, however owners will have to provide these batteries themselves.

The development will include two-to-four-bedroom terraced houses as well as smaller apartments, and 30 per cent of the homes will be allocated for affordable housing.

The first new homes will go on the market in 2022.

Sara Bennison from Nationwide said: “Creating homes today which aren’t fit for the future and will need to be retrofitted in a matter of years is simply not right.

“We will be calling for government, house builders and lenders to work together to tackle any remaining barriers to improving the environmental standards of new homes.

“Buildings are the second largest source of emissions in the UK. Creating sustainable communities is possible and we are demonstrating this through our Oakfield development.

“We all need to play our part in delivering high quality homes that are fit for the future. We will be sharing all our learnings and plans helping developers commit to a clear roadmap for more a sustainable future.

“Together we can tackle the climate crisis and we are committed to helping our members to create greener and more sustainable homes.”

Active Building Centre chief executive Ron Cowley said: “This development will show what is possible, and how homes will have to be built in the future. These are the sort of buildings that the UK needs, and that buyers will soon expect.

“Active Building Centre’s technology and expertise is crucial to ensuring homes are built to be more energy efficient, meaning that residents benefit from cheaper electricity bills and greener homes.

“We’re very proud to work with Nationwide, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”