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By Simon McWhirter, Head of Engagement

Published April 2021

The Active Building Centre announces that it is working with Nationwide Building Society to help create one of the UK’s largest energy efficient housing developments. 

  • Development to be one of UK’s largest green housing projects, and beacon for future
  • All 239 homes will meet highest energy efficiency rating achieved by just 1% of new homes
  • Air source heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicle charging points throughout the scheme

Landmark project provides blueprint for environmentally friendly homes

The landmark £50m plan will see more than 200 homes constructed to the highest environmental rating that new homes in the UK can achieve. Every one of the 239 homes at the Oakfield project in Swindon will meet the highest EPC-A energy efficiency rating. Just 1% of new properties are built to this standard. The Active Building Centre is advising on the energy systems for the project.

The development provides a blueprint for the construction of environmentally friendly homes in the UK. Buildings are one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions and it will only be possible to reach the UK’s 2050 net zero goal if we change the way we construct homes and commercial buildings.

The Active Building Centre is a UK-based centre of excellence whose mission is to promote improved understanding and increased commercialisation of renewable electricity generation, storage and distribution solutions within and between buildings, and to develop cutting-edge technologies to integrate these solutions into intelligent network systems.

Ron Cowley, chief executive of The Active Building Centre, said: 

 “This development will show what is possible, and how homes will have to be built in the future. These are the sort of buildings that the UK needs, and that buyers will soon expect.  Active Building Centre’s technology and expertise is crucial to ensuring homes are built to be more energy efficient, meaning that residents benefit from cheaper electricity bills and greener homes. We’re very proud to work with Nationwide, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”

All the properties are equipped with air source heat pumps, instead of gas boilers, and photovoltaic solar panels. Electric vehicle charging points will be provided on the street while homes will be wired to ensure residents can easily install charging points on their own properties. The development will be enabled to allow owners and tenants to go even further, with batteries provided to store surplus energy that homes might generate in future. The development will include 2 to 4 bedroom terraced houses as well as smaller apartments, and 30% of the homes will be allocated for affordable housing. The first will go on the market in 2022. The development is fully funded by Nationwide.

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