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By Cat Wilkins, Communications Manager

As we approach our one-year milestone in November, this feels like a good time to reflect on the successful launch of the Active Building Centre and share some feedback from the independent review into our first 100 days

We’ve had an incredible start!

Bringing together so many of our early supporters at our VIP industry launch back in March,  demonstrated how united we all are in our combined mission to help decarbonise the UK.

Globally buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of carbon emissions, and in the UK, they consume about 40% of all energy produced. People deserve buildings that don’t cost the earth and we have a responsibility for the next generation to make this happen.

Solutions to the energy crisis must address the issue of energy in buildings, there are no other obvious ways of doing this. We must start with buildings.

Team expertise

The flexible working opportunities for staff have helped achieve a strong UK geographical spread representative of a national centre. The Active Building Centre continues to grow our team and expertise, and people continue to be our strongest asset.

The Active Building Centre senior leadership team has attracted a range of high calibre individuals from diverse backgrounds with the right skill sets.

Stakeholder engagement

Active Building tours of the Active Office and Active Classroom demonstrators have drawn large numbers of diverse groups, demonstrating our varied approach to engagement.

It’s essential we inform people about these innovative Active Buildings and how they are going to help transform construction.

The sheer strength and breadth of conversations and connections across industry, academia and government is testament to the influence of the Active Building Centre team.

The specific legacy

The Active Building Centre is building on the strength of reputation, network and visibility from SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre.

We have an opportunity to continue to grow the relationships they established and further spread the story of Active Buildings. Specific have created an enthused and engaged community amongst industry, academia and government, all ready to play their part in tackling the challenge of transforming construction through the Active Building concept.

The Active Building Centre has inherited a strong legacy which we will continue to grow.

Demonstrator pipeline

We have a clearly defined criteria of not just what projects we are interested in but the benefits and value the Active Building Centre can provide. The demonstrator approach is critical to gathering the evidence and proving the case for Active Buildings.

Establishing and communicating the positioning and offering of the Active Building Centre is critical if we are to help deliver Active Buildings that prove the case to transform construction.

What’s next for the active building centre?

We are looking to attract potential demonstrator projects. We are interested in hearing from like-minded partners.

We are looking to work with organisations who have a project team, a funding plan, with construction due to start this year or early 2020. Projects where there’s still time to influence the design. Where projects are using some form of modern methods of construction.

Contact the active building centre

Does your building classify as an Active Building?

Do you require support to make an investment case for renewable and storage technologies? Do you have a construction and development team in place looking for additional support?

If so, please contact us to discuss working with the Active Building Centre on your potential Active Building Project.