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By Marie Greaves, Communications Team

The Accelerator Cities Project publishes the retrofit resources, including the Playbook and Toolkit 

Retrofit playbook

As part of the Active Building Centre’s involvement with UKGBC’s Accelerator Cities, Dr Jo Atkinson, along with her contemporaries, have helped to shape and develop the retrofit resources, including a comprehensive Playbook.  The purpose of this is to support and enable both local and combined authorities to take action on home retrofit.

The Playbook is a guide; and the intention is that local authorities can ‘dip into’ those sections that are relevant and useful to them. As this resource is a live document, the UKGBC are actively seeking ongoing feedback and engagement.

Content of this Playbook covers: setting targets and an overarching strategy; developing a One Stop Shop; engaging householders and landlords; finance; skills and supply chain; how local authorities can engage Registered Social Landlords on retrofit; and, case studies.

To read more and access the resources, please see the UKGBC website

Published November 2020