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Last week the government announced a tenfold expansion in chargepoints by 2030 as ministers look to “drive the EV revolution”.

Here’s some points from us:

  • Charge points are still too few and far between, and by recognising this and taking action, last week’s announcement expanding the UK’s Electric Vehicle charging network to around 300,000 public chargers is an encouraging step towards meeting the country’s net-zero goals.
  • While the Government’s ambition to help decarbonise road travel is promising, we believe that there is more room for green strategies. We would call on Government to install integrated charge points in new public buildings, give those buildings the ability to capture store and control energy in support of EV use, making them more ubiquitous and self sufficient
  • Building these charging points in now will help save us all time and money in the future, by avoiding the cost of retrofitting and building the flexibility in the local grid which will pay dividends in the future.
  • At a time when energy security is a priority, we encourage the government to think about smart energy solutions that will help us reach net-zero. #Electricvehicles #Netzero #Energysecurity